I’m Jed, Born in San Diego, California, where I still live with my lovely wife Linda and our two kids Jack & Denise.

Safety awareness is not as easy as it sounds….

Having worked in security management for over 15 years, I have realized that safety awareness goes beyond the very obvious hazards such as calamities, acts of violence, and electrical safety. It is a constant realization every person must have at all times. Being constantly aware of what we are doing, how we operate at work, and being able to recognize hazards is critical in justifying safety-related risks. Thus, creating ongoing awareness has a big impact on building a safe environment and culture for your family to thrive in.

I have committed to assist consumers and safety and security home brands to connect. I love to write and passionate about covering topics about technology, health, safety, and humanity. It is my core vision and mission to promote a culture of responsible living. With that, the Safest Living is born.

Safety Living is an independent website that aims to aid a safe, comfortable, and sustainable world. Here, security and safety is our top priority.
I value excellence, integrity, and responsibility in all the things I do. My aim is to build safety into everything we do in our community. Even with comprehensive knowledge, I will never stop gathering ideas to help everyone.

If I can assist you with anything, simply contact me.
Stay safe always!

Jed Glover