Do Led Brake Lights Need Resistors?

From the manufacturer, our vehicle’s bulbs were the classic light bulb –  incandescent bulbs. The name is from the “principle of incandescence”, which means “light produced from heat”. It heats a wire filament and when it reaches a certain temperature, it produces light. This kind of light has the lowest price in the market since it is also affordable to manufacture.

The very advantage of having incandescent light as our brake light is that it has a brilliant ability to render color. The Color Rendering Index (CRI) of this kind of bulb would usually remain excellent despite the temperature rise. CRI is a very crucial factor in driving safety.

Since Incandescent bulbs use up the heat to give light, it consumes more energy while it is on. Like any other thing, the more you use it up, the shorter its lifespan. These are the downside. Yes, it is the cheapest in the market but you need to replace it every now and then. This will mean having a high maintenance cost. We don’t like that.

What does LED mean and when did it start?

It was 1962 when  Nick Holonyak, Jr. invented the first LED visible red light. It was first used in the remote controls then.

LED is actually an abbreviation that stands for Light-Emitting Diode. It produces or releases light when current flows through it. Although it’s been here a long time ago, the first car produced that used LED optics were, of course, the luxury models. It was in 1992 when the BMW 3-Series Cabrio received a central LED brake light.

Advantages of LED

LED despite being so small compared to other lights, gives the brightest light among the others. They are energy-efficient because they only need a little amount of heat to give light. Since they are not putting so much effort to produce light, their lifespan is being extended as well. Thus, the maintenance and the hassle to the car owners are also very minimal.

The Drawback

Any product that gives a lot of advantages especially when it comes to the “maintenance” part, there is an expectation of being pricey. Yes, LED lights are way expensive than any other lights. It makes sense though.

What is a Brake Light and How Important it is

Brakes are the most important safety help when it comes to driving. Do not drive your car if this is not working right. A Brake Light will be on when you step on the brake pedal. Brake lights need to be bright red so it will serve its purpose – to let the one following you know that you’re slowing down or stopping.

We used to know that Brake Light is colored red. In traffic rules, red means “stop”. This explains why when we step on the brake pedal, the red brake light will turn on. This will give a signal to the following drivers. Aside from that, our eye can right away identify red more than any other color. Whatever the reason they may have before on why it has to be a red light, the law requires it Red.

What is a Resistor?

Now that we have a little background about the origin of our cars. Let’s Go to our Main Topic – Do LED Brake Lights Need Resistor? But, before anything else, let’s talk about what a “Resistor” is and what it does.

When we say “resist”, it means to withstand or to control. This is the work of a Resistor. Resistors use is to reduce or lower the flow of the current, regulate signal levels, and divide voltages. It is a device designed to resist the passage of the electric current like that in our cars, thus preventing overheating.

The answer is YES

When we change the original incandescent bulbs into LED ones, it won’t pull the same amount of energy and power. This is the reason why it’ll blink fast (hyper-flash). The fix is very simple – install a RESISTOR. This will make your buddy think that it has a bulb in good condition, so it will blink in a normal state.

Because our technology is very open to improvements, there are now LEDs that have built-in resistors in it. There are also some vehicles that already use LEDs from the factory.

Is it Legal to Use LED Brake Light Bulbs?

LED lights are very useful when it comes to signal lights. All the more to Brake Lights being the most important driving safety feature. The reason is that LEDs are very responsive compared to other bulbs. Despite its being so useful and helpful, it is not allowed by the law. They are not Road Legal.

Our call

Before, having a car is only a luxury. The car itself is very expensive already. But, like humans, they need care to live long. When you say “take care” of them, it means maintaining them – it will involve money, funds.

These days, a car is a necessity. The convenience will bring your family is enough reason to save for purchasing one. Again, it won’t end there. When you already have the car, you need to save for its maintenance. The Car Lights are the ones that need funds every now and then.

We’ve already discussed the advantages of having LED lights. For me, it’s better to invest in an expensive light than have it replaced with a cheaper one and buy every once in a while. We’ve known that LED bulbs have a very long life span. I’ve seen and experienced the difference myself. We were using incandescent/ halogen lights before and it was a waste of money. When we found out about this energy-saving bulb, we changed it and we saved a lot! Come to think of it, if you upgrade those lights to LED, it will take a while before it passes out. Don’t forget to buy a resistor too!

If you can’t do it yourself, your always to the rescue mechanic will take care of it!

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