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How to Use Vivint Camera without Service

Peace of mind – we all love to have this. There’s nothing more precious than having peace of mind anywhere we go. What gives us peace of mind? The first thing that pops our mind when we speak of the peace of mind is – our security. If we are feeling secured whether we’re inside our house or away from it, it gives us peace of mind.

In our house, we leave important things like documents. It is where we keep our family safe. We always say “there’s no place like home”. Yes, this is true, right? This is a sacred place for our loved ones. But, we cannot refrain from leaving since we all need to work as well. The moment we step out of our house, we always think of one thing – securing what and who is inside.

The Home Security System was Born

It was in 1966 when the first Home Security System had come into reality. Thanks to the African American couple, Marie Van Brittan Brown and Albert Brown. She started with the idea of wanting to feel secure when her husband is not home. Marie Van did not feel safe when she’s alone. She thought about having a stranger standing and knocking on their door. She wouldn’t know who’s standing out there.

Instead of dwelling in that fear, she started working on making a home security system. She did it with her husband’s help. The security system has four major components:

  • Camera –  inserted in the four peepholes for capturing images of the individual of different heights
  • A Monitor – where they can see the person from the cameras placed in the peephole
  • Two-way Microphone – used to communicate with the person outside
  • Alarm Button – you need to press when there’s a threat of a burglar or a trespasser. It will alarm the police or the neighbors

A freebie of a remote-controlled door, when they’re expecting a visitor or a friend. Amazing, right?

Home Security System in the Present

Nowadays, we need to be extra cautious still. Burglars are around waiting for a chance. If we have little children, we need to check on them. We keep on calling home to check. People with bad intentions are always there. I am thankful for whoever invented the mobile phone. Now we can dial the number of our loved ones and we can talk to them right away.

Aside from the security, we get from hearing their voices, of course, we will be more at ease if we can see our loved ones. But how can we do that if we are at work or somewhere? We owe a “thank you” tap to Marie and Albert Brown! Their invention helped a lot in the later security systems. This “extra eye” for us parents, homeowners, and even business owners is very helpful.

Advance Home Security System

Because of the advances in technology, the invention of the Browns was being improved. We now have a security system that has the doorbell camera that lets us see everything and we do not need a peephole to see who’s outside our door. We can see the faces and the things they’re bringing. It even sends a message to the owner that someone left a package on the doorstep. What’s astonishing is that it will try to repel possible thieves by warning that a camera is recording. Wait, there’s more! You can also access your door even while you’re away from home, unlock it if you want someone to bring something in. Wow!

Vivint Home Security System

One of the most popular security systems in the market today is Vivint. They called a top-tier security system since they do not only have security systems. They also have their outdoor camera and their video doorbell.

Vivint is a one-stop-shop for home security systems. They provide all their own equipment. You only need to choose and pick what you want. From there, you can get a bundle with a subscription and install it in your house. You will have your control panel or the central system for the whole system.

Vivint Camera – without service?

The front liner of a security system is the camera. Vivint, as we said above, provides all their own equipment- the camera is one of those, of course. We now have a question in mind: Can we still use their security camera (Vivint) without their service? The answer is NO.

We cannot use Vivint’s security cameras without service. The cameras that they provide are only for use with their own monitoring service. Vivint’s camera’s MAC addresses will only work with Vivint. No there alarm monitoring company can use it.

Security cameras should connect with some type of interactive service platform. An alarm monitoring company will make use of the MAC address from the camera to accord the camera with the user’s interactive service. This needs an internet connection. The user will then be able to access their interactive service account to watch the live feed of the camera and outline its settings.

Unfortunately, Vivint built their cameras with MAC addresses that will not work with rival companies. It will only work with Vivint’s in-house service. We cannot take their cameras to other monitoring companies. To be able to use these cameras, the customer must have an active monitoring service with Vivint.

We tend to bring our old equipment to a new service provider. We even hack our devices to have it work on where we could have us save more. Yes, we are somehow free to choose. But, we can’t also force a company to let go of their proprietary rights for those devices they hardly- make. Come to think of it, they use strong encryption to block or stop your video camera footage from access of unauthorized people. The company has many means in place to protect your privacy and data security. It’s for our own good, I guess. 

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