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Home Safety
Running Wires Through Soffit
We all have our “dream houses”. It might be a small house or a mansion. A two-story home or a simple loft type. Whatever our preference, the common denominator is…
3 way switch
Home Safety
3-Way Switch
One of the most important devices inside a house is the Switch. It makes and breaks the connection in an electric circuit. In Layman’s term, it turns on and off…
Home Safety
Propane Heater in Garage Safety
“Too much of something is bad”. The same goes for freezing coldness. If it’s too cold, we cannot function well. Having a very low body temperature (hypothermia), for a long…
Family Safety
Do Led Brake Lights Need Resistors?
From the manufacturer, our vehicle’s bulbs were the classic light bulb -  incandescent bulbs. The name is from the “principle of incandescence”, which means “light produced from heat”. It heats…
Home Safety
How to Wire Emergency Lighting
Imagine our world without light. We cannot see the things around us, what is going on around us during the night - when it’s dark. Light stimulates sight and makes…